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Marco Ling Fur Processing was established in 1978, since then, we have been the preferred dresser and dyer for many fur manufacturers and skin dealers alike.  The high quality standards and commitment to assist our customers in their businesses are winning us many loyal customers.

Our factory in Zhejiang Huzhou has dressing capacity of over 6 million mink skins per year. 

In the same time, our innovative dyeing techniques created many fancy new designs for our customers worldwide.

Since 2008, our company has been ISO9001  certified,  bringing our quality management to a new level.

In 2009, our Hong Kong Dressing Factory has commenced production once again.  Under the CEPA agreement between Hong Kong and the Chinese Government, we will be able to issue Certificate of Origin from Hong Kong.  And with this certificate, our customers will be able to import the goods into China without Duty.

Our Cambodia Dressing Factory has begun to operate in February 2015.  Customers now has an additional choice to entitle them duty free import into China.



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